Carbon Race

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Carbon Race

18.990,00 ex. Vat


Speed:                                 Up to 68 km/h

Acceleration:                     0 → 50 km/h in 3.3 sec

Thrust:                                 110 kg

Power:                                 26 HP (19 kW)

Dimensions:                      192 cm x 73 cm x 26 cm

Weight:                                30 kg *²

Batteries:                            Plug & Play Li-Ion swap system

Battery pack:                     1300 Wh, 30 Ah, 43.2 VDC, 16.5 kg

Charging time:                  Quick: 1.75 h *³

Operating time:                40 minutes planing *¹

*¹ Operating time and max. speed depend on the weight, riding style and water conditions
*² without batteries
*³ Charging time with quick-charger, available option


The MAGIC SURF CARBON RACE is the fastest motorized surfboard ever made.

With its carbon body, elegant design and astonishing speed, the MAGIC SURF CARBON RACE is considered to be the exclusive board in the MAGIC-SURF range. The jetboard is designed for speed and agility, while ensuring precise controlling and dynamic maneuvers on water.

The MAGIC SURF CARBON RACE works hard to push the industry beyond its limits. The level of fun factor is directly proportional to the limits you face when using the craft.

The MAGIC SURF CARBON RACE is specially designed for fast turning at full throttle.

To be fast means to overcome the water resistance and that’s where MAGIC SURF CARBON RACE is excellent.

This is the most powerful engine on a MAGIC SURF product - producing a thrilling 26-hp.

Acceleration only known from racing bikes.

Dual battery pack included in delivery.

2 x quick-charger without extra cost‘s included in delivery.

Colorful digital display for users information


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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 192 × 73 × 26 cm