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MagicSurf Race

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The maximum speed of 65 km/h strikes the perfect balance between exhilaration and challenge to start for a once-in-a-life-time experience.

Feel the phenomenal acceleration supplied by the MAGIC SURF RACE engine.

Whether you’re at high speeds pounding rough offshore waters or at rest the MAGIC SURF PRO RACE hull offers industry leading stability thanks to a lower center of gravity and improved hull design.

The fully integrated Bluetooth finger trigger controls your speed.

The MAGIC SURF PRO RACE model is intended for fast turning and agile maneuverability on the water surface. The stronger engine allows riders to enjoy sporty feeling riding this craft.

The kill switch shuts off the engine immediately after a magnet on your wrist disconnects with the MAGIC SURF PRO RACE

Dual battery pack included in delivery.

2 x quick-charger without extra cost‘s included in delivery.

Colorful digital display for users information


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Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 192 × 73 × 26 cm

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